Jan's Halloween Fun


Halloween is not celebrated in quite the same manner in New Zealand as it is in the United States.

I look forward to my October visits when I can carve a pumpkin, dress up, and go around the neighborhood with the kids trick or treating.


My first time dressing for Halloween was searching through boxes of old costumes, prom dresses, jewelry and accessories. What fun it is to be creative and spend the night eating candy!



2011 -"Family" and friends

One of my favorite Halloween vignettes. Colorful lights, bears, owl, witches hat all in a huge colorful shoe.


Halloween 2009 with friend Bill.

I was a magpie and even had glitter on my eyelashes!


"Gladys From Miami" and me as a blonde!

2012 - Election year!

2012 even Kody the cat got into the spirit of Halloween. He is not totally black so really can not

qualify for a Halloween cat.


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